is a game that many people live online. In, you can collect food by crashing apple trees and collecting wood and stones to gather stones. These materials can upgrade your items. In the process of managing resources and growth, you can not only get tools for your advantage but also get blood returns and related materials to build your tribe. But it is also possible to be killed by other players’ ambush.

How to upgrade

In, you can grow and upgrade by collecting food, wood, and stone. After different upgrades, you will get various materials. You are one year old. You need to get articles by hitting trees, rocks, and other things to complete the upgrade. At two years old, you can get two tools for a faster attack. At three years old, you can get blood returning biscuits and stone walls that can build a tribal base. At four years old, you can get traps and accelerators that can only be seen by you and your teammates. They are used to confuse and ambush other opponents. At five years old, you can get better one’s Traps, windmills, and minerals; at 6, you get bows and hammers. In, when you are six years old, there is no material reward, but you need to continue to store materials for upgrading in the next life.

How to get gold coins

In, you can get gold coins by hitting the gold mine; you can also get gold coins by installing the windmill of the upgrade award. The function of gold coins is to be able to buy hats in stores. Different hats have different features. Some can speed up, and some can return blood and so on. Therefore, to obtain caps with different functions, you need to accumulate gold coins continuously.

How to build a tribal base

You can play alone and build your base, but in, the opponent’s ability cannot underestimate; therefore, you can create a tribal base through cooperation. Select an area rich in materials, build a wall around the periphery, arrange traps, and effectively protect the stuff inside; install the windmill here to ensure the acquisition of gold coins. Although you have tribes, you still need to be more vigilant to protect your base and prevent the bottom from being violated. is a collection and construction of multiplayer online survival games.  In this game, you will need to collect all kinds of materials, such as food, wood, and stone, as well as gold mines and windmills, and then build a kingdom base belonging to you.  At the same time, it is a multiplayer game. You need to guard against the invasion of the enemy, protect yourself, and create more wealth.’s gameplay

In, you will walk around the game through the direction keys, gather resources with the left key, and attack the enemy.  When the X key rotates, R can enter the small map.  C able to mark routes.’s game content

In, you need your characters to collect materials, impact the corresponding accumulation of resources, to a certain extent, you can upgrade and obtain higher-level resources to survive;  Windmills can produce gold coins, which can allow you to buy hats in shops and make it convenient for you to walk on maps.  When building a base, the wall material can be designed by itself. These premises are all carried out on the assumption that you are rich in contents.

The game features of

It’s a multiplayer game so that you can build a family here. After all, unity is strength.  The hats bought with gold coins have different skills so that you can look forward to the ability of hats in is a survival game. After entering the game, you can only upgrade by collecting materials. To be able to purchase goods in stores; To be able to establish their base; This is a multiplayer game. While collecting materials to improve yourself, you must not take it lightly. You will likely face life threats. The defensive Bloons tower defence 4 is a real test of your strategy, because only if your platoon is precise enough can you do some damage to the enemy. If you don’t do a good job of defence, then it is very likely that the enemy will attack you and the game will fail.

Bejewelled 2 is a kind of casual elimination game, which can only be eliminated if the gems in the screen are connected in three pairs or more. And you must finish the given score within the given time before you can challenge the next level. Otherwise, you will not have a ticket to the next level. The most significant common factor can be said to be a puzzle game. You can fully understand this knowledge through a pure-play and connect it with real-life teaching.

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